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Bircham International University


BIU Founder - William Martin


William Martin had the capacity to lead, step by step, the transformation of the project called Bircham International University into a solid and reputable institution of international scope.


William Martin had the capacity to lead, step by step, the transformation of the project called Bircham International University into a solid and reputable institution of international scope.

BIU management & development.

William Martin had the capacity to lead, step by step, the transformation of the project called Bircham International University into a solid and reputable institution of international scope.

William Martin was born on February 13, 1967 an he was the first son of Enrique Martin Alonso-Martinez. Since his earliest childhood, his father educated him into problem-solving tasks and embedded him with a pioneering spirit. Still in high school, William was in charge of the promotion of Safari Madrid, a wild life resort managed by his father, which allowed him to raise two lion cubs, and play with wolves and other wildlife. Later he traveled to Texas, where he spent a year at the University. Admission tests made him start at late Sophomore year, instead of Freshman. In spite of his foreigner status in the US, he was admitted into a special unit of the USA ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corp) where he trained for six months and earned two medals.

Back in Madrid, he started to study at 3 different schools at the same time: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, European Business School (EBS) and Taller de Artes Imaginarias (Film Studies). He managed to pass 19 subjects in one year (almost 100 semester credits). The following year he attempted and succeed with 25 courses (over 120 credits). He completed the five year degree in Advertising at Universidad Complutense in four years (1996-2000) and managed to do some practical training in different companies while completing the EBS Business Management & Marketing degree program (1998-2002) in Madrid, Paris and London. He trained at some multinational advertising companies such Publicis Paris, and FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding) Madrid, while he also perfected his experience in Film & TV production in London and Miami.

The European Business School hired him while finishing the last year of studies to manage the Marketing of the school, but after a few months he moved to the Special Communication Initiatives department in Tele 5, where he was in charge of the production and direction of advertising content within many TV programs. After four years he moved to Canal +, but soon he realized that working as a TV Executive Producer he would never have the time to accomplish other personal goals. William had a deep artistic passion in film and writing. He became an independent Communication and TV Consultant while working on other projects.

He published his first novel "The Secret of True Love" that sold out in Spain and many Latin American countries and was translated and sold to English speaking countries. He wrote a film script. He was also about to direct this film when his father died, and incidentally the movie production was canceled. He performed and/or directed several theater plays including his own version of "12 angry men", "Romeo & Juliet", and "An inspector calls". He also did the executive production of some TV documentary series: Españoles en el Mundo from TVE (Spanish National TV) and was a consultant for other important Spanish Production Companies.

In 1995 he started a research on distance learning degree programs in order to complement his film studies. There was nothing available but he found out a lot of interesting information about the field of distance learning and both, his father Enrique Martin and himself, were fascinated about this new approach to adult education. It was, though, a complex world full of trickery. The US & UK law allowed the existence of many diploma mills (institutions offering substandard education or merely selling degrees). The UK changed regulations in the 90s securing this issue, but the USA's constitutional freedom of education would not allow to implement the same UK legal restrictions. William firmly believed that a sound institution with high ethical values and a true commitment to educational quality in distance learning adult education could really make a difference. Such institution should merge the best of the two current leading educational systems: the US and the European Union's. He presented his project to some existing distance learning universities, but soon he learned that they were exclusively oriented in money making and not in becoming a stand point in adult education alternatives.

Finally he contacted Deric Bircham. They met in Brighton, UK. They were both invited to a formal nomination ceremony. William had recently been appointed Knight of the Order of the Commonwealth and also Knight of the Order of Saint Andrew of Jerusalem. William and Deric discovered that they shared the same ideas about distance learning. Back in their countries they started to work on how to transform those high ideals and pedagogical approaches into an operational and real institution. Enrique Martin's experience and contacts played a fundamental role in shaping the Bircham International University. Unfortunately, Enrique died in 1998 leaving the BIU project in a quite early stage. Then, Deric Bircham, motivated by the vision of the Martin family, asked his step son Laurence Wen-Hung Cheng to help and provide some additional business support. Thanks to the vision of these musketeers, Bircham International University could actually open its doors to the first students in the year 2000. A new millennium was born and a new quality approach to adult degree programs took shape in accordance to the new trends and visions of the Twenty First Century.

Since the year 2000, William dedicated his efforts to the management and development of Bircham International University. He used BIU's network to contribute in different world forums to the eradication of world poverty with the aid of BIU adult education approach. He was greeted by her Majesty Sofia, Queen of Spain, he presented his ideas at the United Nations in New York, he collaborated with Nobel Prize Muhammad Yunus, and many other contributions not so relevant in names but not less important.

Today, William Martin is proud to present Bircham International University as one of the top ten ranking alternatives for distance learning adult degree programs.


BIU Founder - William Martin

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BIU Founder - William Martin

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Bircham University BIU Founder - William Martin